Akeeba Back Up

In this tutorial we will be creating a back up of our site using Akeeba Backup.

To install the component use the following URL:


or option click and download using the following link.


If the installation is successful you will see the Akeeba Backup welcome page. Read the welcome message.

The first thing we need to do is configure Akeeba to work with your server. Go to Components - Akeeba Backup in the main Joomla menu. Check the box next to Run the Configuration Wizard and press Apply these preferences. Akeeba will now configure itself. This may take a few minutes, do not navigate away from this page during this process. When configuration has finished you will see the Finished Benchmarking screen. 

Click on the Backup Now button. In the Start a new backup screen you can add a backup comment if you want. Leave the other settings as they are and click Backup Now.

Akeeba creates a compressed .jpa archive of your site and saves it in the directory:


To download it to your hard drive it is recomended that you use an ftp program such as filezilla rather than through a web browser using Akeeba or cPanel.