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Creating Product Categories

If you a planning to sell more than a few products it is a good idea to divide them up in to categories.  First lets create some Hika Shop product categories. Note that the product categories are different from the Joomla content categories, though they work in a similar way. 

Go to Products - Categories in the HikaShop menu. Click New. Give the category a name (eg Soups) and optionally a description and image. Make sure published is set to Yes. Click Save and New. Create several categories in the same way (eg Soups, Mains, Deserts).

Add a Category to a Product

If you completed the earlier tutorial you will have created a Product (Chicken Soup) item and a  Products Listing (Soups)  menu item. Firstly lets assign our product (chicken soup) to our category (Soups). 

In the HikaShop menu go to Products.  Click on your product (chicken soup) to open its editing window. In the  Categories pane click Add. Click on the green arrow next to product category to show its sub categories. Click on your category under Name in the list (not in the explorer).


The category explorer window will close and the category should appear under the Name field in the Categories Pane. Click Save and Close.

Add a Menu for a Product Category

In the Joomla backend go to Menus - Main Menu. Click on the menu item you created in the last tutorial.(eg Soups) to open its editing window. In the HikaShop Options click on the link to open the HikaShop menu options page.

At the bottom of the Details pane click on the trash iconhsTrash next to the Associated Category select field to remove the default setting. Click on Select next to Associated Category.

If your category is not visible click on the green arrow next to Product Category to show the sub categories. Click on the green plus sign hsGrePlu next to your category (Soups). The category explorer window will close and the category should appear in the Associated Category text field. Click Save and Close. 


Create a menu item for each category

Go to Menus - Main Menu - New Menu Item. For Menu Item Type select Products Listing. Give the menu a title ('Mains') and click Save and Close. Reopen the menu item (you need to do this to initialize the HikaShop options page) and open the HikaShop options link. Add the Associated Categories, remembering to delete the default one, as before. Save and Close.

Repeat this process to add a menu item for each product category.

Create Products for each category and  test

Go to Products - Add a Products. In the Categories pane click Add. Navigate a category and click on it to select it. You can add multiple categories to each product if you want. Repeat this process by clicking on Save and New until you have enough products to test your setup.

You should now confirm, in the front end, that the menu items appear and link to their correct category and products.