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Adding Product Details

Go to Components - HikaShop - Products. In the list click on your product to open its editing page.You can add a description and images using the editor window in the same way as with Articles.  

You can also add an image to your product. This will appear with your product and can be included in  products listing pages and modules. To do this scroll down to the bottom of the Product Edit page. Click Add in the images panel on the right. In the window that opens click Choose File. Browse for an image on your hard drive, click on it and select Open.  You can enter a name for the image in the name field. Click Ok. You can add more images in the same way.


Managing Sales

Make a few dummy sales from the front end. Register new test users if you like.

To gain an over view of your sales click on the Dashboard icon on the top left of the HikaShop menu.

Supposing you have confirmed a bank transfer from a customer and you need to ship an order. Click on the number of the order in the left hand column of the last 7 Orders pane to open the Order edit window. You can also access this window for all orders by going to Sales in the Hikashop menu.

In the Order status selection field change the value from 'created' to 'confirmed'. In the New order status window click Yes for Notify Customers. Alter the confirmation email if you want. Click Ok to confirm.

You can also edit other order and customer details using the appropriate edit icons. You can email the customer, create invoices and go back to the Orders page using the icons on the top right.

Once the item is shipped we can open the Sales window again and change the Order status from Confirmed to Shipped. In the status window we can choose to log a reason or to notify the customer. Click Ok  to confirm.