Create a Shopping Cart

In this tutorial we will be setting up a basic shopping cart using the 'Hika Shop' Component

Installation and Configuration

Either download from the Hika Shop website and install from your hard drive or copy and paste the following URL into the Install from URL field after the http://


If the component installs successfully you should see a list of plug ins and modules that Hika Shop has also installed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the welcome message.

Now scroll back to the top of the page and in the Hika Shop menu go to System - Configuration.

You can also access the control panels for Hika Shop in the back end Components - Hika Shop. You should se a screen similar to this.


Type in an address for your shop.

Click on the Edit icon editnext to Main Tax Zone. In the popup check the box next to 'Australia' in the list. Click 'OK' to close the popup.

Click on the green arrow next to the Main Currency selection box to open the Currencies window. Click on Australian dollar in the list to edit it. You can change Rate to the current exchange rate. Click Yes for Published and Displayed. Click Save and Close.

Now go back to the System - Configuration window. Check the Main tab is active and in the Main Currency field select $AUD.

Take note of the other items on this page, but leave them as they are for now. Click Save and Close.

Now go to System - Payment Methods

Click on the red circle next to HikaShop bank transfer plugin.(No. 18  in the list) to enable it. 

If you have a standard PayPal account you can use also this as a payment method. In the list of payment methods click on HikaShop Paypal payment plugin (it should be number 9 in the list) Type your PayPal email in the Email field. Click Save and Close. 

You can also use other methods if you have the relevant accounts. 


Unless you are selling a downloadable file you will need to select a shipping method. In the HikaShop menu go to System - Shipping Methods. Click on HikaShop Australia shipping plugin. Select your Zone, a Minimum Price for postage (in $AUD),and your postcode. You can also select what shipping services you intend to use. Click Save and close. Now click on the red circle to enable the HikaShop Australia shipping plugin.  

 Adding Products

In the Hika Shop menu go to Products-Add a Product.  Give your product a name (eg chicken soup). Type a price for your product in the Price field in the bottom right. Ensure $ AUD  is selected. Take note of the other items on this page but, for now, leave them as they are. Press Save and Close. 



Adding a Menu Item 

In the Joomla  menu go to Menus - Main Menu - Add New Menu Item.

For Menu Item Type, under HikaShop select Products Listing. Give the menu item a title (eg Soups) and click Save and Close. 

Go to the front end to verify that when you click the 'Soups' menu item you see the 'Chicken Soup' product. Click Add to cart then Proceed to checkout to verify the check out process.