User Management 2

If you completed the exercises in the previous tutorial you will have some resources (a category, a menu item and a module) that are accessible only to registered users. To confirm that these resources are only available to registers users you need to first create a test user. Then log in to the front end of your site as this test user and confirm that the access permissions work as expected. 

Go to Users - User Manager


This is where you can add, delete, or edit users. At the moment there will probably be only one name in the list, and that will be you.  Note that you, as the creator of the site are in the Super Users group and have have complete access to the site. There can be more then one Super User.

For our testing purposes we want to create a user that has registered access. In the Users Manager:Users window click New. Fill in the Account Details. Keep it simple, I just use 'testuser' for for all text fields and a generic password. You can delete the user when finishing testing. You will need to trick the email field by using an email form (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Click Save and Close.

Now go to the Frontend of your site. Go to your log in page and logout. Confirm that the resources that you set as Access Registered are not available. Now go back to the log in form and enter your test username and password to log in. You should confirm that these resources are now available.