Add an mp3 Player

We are going to use the JosDewPlayer plug-in to insert a simple mp3 player into our articles. Install it using the Extension Manager pasting the following URL into the Install From URL field.

Or download it HERE

Go to Extensions - plug-in manager and use the filter lists (filter for Type - Content and/or Status - Disabled) to find the JosDewPlayer. Click on it to open it.

Select Status Enabled and read the description. Click Save and Close

Now we need to create a folder for our mp3 files. Go to Content - Media Manager and scroll down to below the files pane.The Media Manager (unless told otherwise) considers its root folder to be the images folder (forget that it is called images, it should really be called 'media). So all folders will be created inside the images folder. 

Type a name for your folder (eg mp3s) in the text box on the right and click Create Folder. The folder should now appear in the files pane. Click on it to open it. 

Unfortunately Joomla's media manager does not allow uploading mp3 files by default so we need to add 'mp3' to the list of uploadable file types.

Open the Media Managers Options window. In the Legal Extensions (File Types) text box there is a comma separated list of file type extensions. Insert ' mp3, ' (without the quotes) into the beginning of this list. Don't forget the comma. Click Save and  Close.


Ensure your folder is open in the files panel (it should be empty except for the green navigation icon) Click Choose File in the bottom panel of the  Media Manager to browse for your mp3 file. Click start upload. Your file should appear in the files panel.


The only thing to do now is place the tag that will tell Joomla to embed the player into the page.

Open the article for editing and place the following tag where you want the player.

{play}images/mp3s/yourfile.mp3 {/play}

Note you need to write the full path to your directory (include the ' images/ ') and replace ' mp3s/yourfile.mp3 ' with the folder and mp3 file you created earlier. 

Save the article and an mp3 player, like the one below, should appear.