More Modules


Breadcrumbs are a very useful navigation tool, especially for large sites with lots of nested links. They simply display the path to the current page, linking to pages further up the site hierarchy.

Go to Modules Manager, click New and choose Breadcrumbs. Give it a Title but set Show Title to Hide. Click Select Position. Most modules should already have a position for the breadcrumbs so select Breadcrumbs.

Leave everything else as it is and click Save and Close.

News Feeds

News feeds allow you to import RSS feeds and display them in your site. We are going to create a news feed to display the latest news headlines from the ABC news site.

Go to Modules Manager, click New and choose Feed Display. Give it the title 'Latest ABC Headlines'. Choose the position you want the feed to display in and its menu assignment.

The URL for the feed is:

Copy and paste it into the Feed URL field under Basic Options 

Change the Feed Items to 10. Click Save and Close 

Latest News 

This module adds a list of links to recently published articles. 

Go to Modules Manager, click New and choose Latest News.  Give the module a title and choose a module position. In the Menu Assignment section select the pages you want the module to display in. In the Basic Options section select the categories of article you want to display. Use alt-click to select a number of categories or leave it as it is to select all categories. Click Save and Close or  Save and New if you would like to continue adding modules.

Articles Category

Not to be confused with Articles Categories, Articles Category allow you to display lists of articles based on various criteria. Filtering Options  in the Module Manager:Modules Articles Category window allow you to include or exclude articles based on category, author and date. Articles can be also grouped and ordered in various ways.