Insert a Module into an Article

There may come a time when you want to embed a module into an article. For instance the following list was created using the Article Category module, with the inclusive filter set to include all articles in the category Lesson 5.

 To embed a module in an article the first thing you need to do is check to see that the Content-Load module Pluggin is enabled.

Go to Extensions/Pluggin Manager. Find the Content - Load Modules pluggin in the list. Ensure there is a green tick in its Status column. 

Next create the module you want to include in an article. In the Position text field type a name for your module position (dont select it from the Select Position button). For instance type 'myposition'. Ensure that its Module Assignment  is set to On all pages. Click Save and Close.

Now open the article for editing. You do this either from the front end or in the back end by selecting it (or creating a new one) in the Article Manager.

Assuming you called your module position 'myposition' type {loadposition myposition} where you want your module to appear.

Save your article and you should see your module.