Add a You Tube Module

One of the easiest (though certainly not the only) way to insert video into your Joomla site is to embed files from the You Tube video sharing site. There are a number of Joomla extensions that allow you to do this. For this tutorial we are going to use the module SP Simple You Tube. 

As usual we install this module using the Extension Manager. Copy the following URL and paste it into the Install from URL field After the http:// .

Press Install.

Alternatively you can download it from the Joomla Extension Directory here

Now it needs to be enabled and given a position in the Module Manager

Go to Extensions-Module Manager

To make the module easier to find we are going to filter this list to only show the modules that are currently unpublished. Go to the Select Status in the filter menu bar and set the drop down list to unpublished.


Click on Sp Simple Youtube. 

If you want the Youtube clip to play in a Module Position (not in an article on the Main Content area of your page) press the Select Position button. In the position window in the Select Template filter list select the template you are working with. When the window reloads select a template position for the module.

Set the Status  to Published. Use the Menu Assignment section to assign the pages you want the module to appear in.

Finally under Basic Options copy and paste in the Youtube video id. This is the section of the YouTube video URL between the  ?v= and the &; For instance in the following URL the video id is b6O2_UQnNpQ;feature=g-upl&context=G2064de8AUAAAAAAAAAA

Enter in the width and height you would like your video to play at.

Click Save and view the pages you assigned this module to. 

Remember you can also embed this module in an article, as this one is, by following the instructions HERE 

SP Simple Youtube