Adding Modules

Joomla Modules are ways to include different types of content, outside the main content area of your pages. There are a number of modules that come pre installed with Joomla and many more that you can add as extensions. Modules are placed into Positions that are determined by the template.

Viewing Module Positions

In the back end go to Extensions/Template Manager. Click on Options in the top right. Under the Templates tab click Preview Module Position - Enabled. Click Save and Close.

Now open a new tab and open the front page of your site. In the address bar type ?tp=1 after your URL. Press enter and your site should load with an overlay of your template positions.

Create a Module

In the back end go to Extensions/Module Manager. You will notice that you already will have at least 2 modules, a Main Menu module and a Login Form module. In the menu bar click New. In the select module type popup click on 'Latest News'. This will display a list of links to the most recent articles. You will be returned to the Module Manager: Latest News window. Give the module a title (eg Latest) and select a position (eg sidebar a). 

Publishing Options and Page Asignment

Configure the access and publishing options in the remainder of the  Details pane (if you want it publicly viewable and published immediately just leave these settings as they are).

You can set what pages you want the module to apear in in the Menu Assignment  section (eg all pages or only the pages selected). You can also set the category of article you want to include in the list.


Click Save and Close. Log in to the front end of your site and view your home page. You should see the the Module in the position that you specified.


You can add other modules in a similar way. Each module type has its own specific set of options.