Create a Category Blog

In this lesson we are going to use categories to organize information on our site into menus. To do this we need to create a number of articles and assign them to categories. 

If you have not yet decided on categories imagine you are creating a website for an online restaurant. You will need categories called 'Mains', 'Deserts', and 'Drinks' and articles called 'Stir Fry', 'Chocolate Cake' and 'Lemonade'.

In the backend go to content - category manager - add new category. Give the category a title and click Save and New. Repeat this process for the other categories. On your last category click Save and Close and you will be returned to the category manager. (Alternately click cancel).

Now go to content - article manager - add new article. Give the article a title, select a category and add some text. Click Save and New. Repeat this process for the other articles, assigning each one to a different category. On the last article click save and close.

Now go to Menus/Main Menu/Add New Menu Item. In the Menu Manager:New Menu Item window click on Select next to the Menu item Type text box. This will open the menu item type popup. Menu items can link to a range of content. For our example we are going to set our menu item types to link to category blogs.

In the menu item type popup under Articles Select Category Blog. The popup will be closed and you will be returned to the menu manager window. Give the menu item a title. (eg 'Mains' ) Under Required Settings choose a category (Mains). Repeat this for your other categories and articles.

Click Save. Go to the front end of your site click on the menu items check that they link to the right pages and the default blog layout it links to.

Now create some more articles and assign them to categories (use some filler text). View how the joomla displays your articles for each category.

Advanced task: create some nested categories by assigning categories Parents in the category edit window. For instance in our restaurant example supposing you wanted to divide the Mains into  Vegetarian and Meat, the Deserts into Cakes and Puddings and the Drinks into Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic.