Article Manager Options

In Joomla Article Options can be managed in two ways. Either on a per item (menu or article) basis, or Globally, for all articles or menu items. If an option, say number of articles to appear in a blog layout, is set for a particular menu item it will override the global setting. 

The local options for individual articles or menu items are changed for each menu item or article in the right pane of the article or menu manager. 

In this tutorial we will be editing the global options. Just remember that most of the options can also be changed for an individual article or menu item. 

Firstly we are going to change how many articles to display in our blog layouts. Go to Article Manager and select Options in the top menu bar. Click on the Blogs/Featured Layouts tab.

We can choose how many articles will be styled as leading articles and how many will be styled as intro articles. How these styles will appear on the page is very much dependant on the template being used. Generally the Leading article will be the full width of the page and the Intro articles divided into columns according to the column setting. You can experiment with the layout you prefer, but for now lets just have one leading article and four Intro articles in two columns. When we add more articles to our blog we can choose to display links to them. In this example we are going to display four links. The completed  Blogs/Featured Layouts page of the Article Options should look like this.


Click Save and view your category blog to ensure the changes have been made.

Now, in order to make our page as uncluttered as possible we are going to hide the print icons, category title, author and creation date. This is done under the Article  tab of the Article Manager Options.

Simply check Hide against the Show Category, Show Author, Show Create Date, Show Print Icon, Show Email Icon and Show Hits.

Click Save and view your category blog to ensure the changes have been made.