Creating Menus

To change your web page into a website we need to add more pages and a menu bar.

Creating Articles

Now go to Content/Article Manager/Add New Article. Give your article a name and assign it to a category you just created. Give it some dummy text (eg Lorem Ipsum). Leave everything else as it is and press Save.

Now we need to create a menu item to link to this new content.

Creating Menu Items

Go to Menus/Main Menu/Add New Menu Item.

Next to the Menu Type field click on the Select button. As you can see there are a number of different types of content each menu item can link to. We just want this menu item to link to a single article so under Articles select Single Article. 


Give your menu a title. Click Select/Change under Select Article and select the article you just created.

Finally click Save. If all went well when you go to your front page you should see your menu item. Check to see that they link to the desired article.