Installing A Template

Templates, in Joomla, act as a design framework for a web site. Templates includes such things as color schemes, font styles layout grids and accesability functions. A good template will give your site a consistent and functional style. There are a huge range of free and commercial joomla templates available.

Joomla templates vary hugely in the the way they can be customised. Some offer very little whilst others include ways to customise almost every element of your website. Be prepared to experiment with a few different templates and spend time finding out how each one works.

For this example we will be looking at the 'Gantry' template.

Templates are extensions in Joomla and are installed using Joomla's 'Extension Manager'

Log into the 'Back End' of your site by typing into the address bar and typing in your username and password. Book mark this page.

Go to Extensions/Extension Manager. Ensure the 'Install' tab is active. You should see the following page.


Notice there are 3 different ways to install extensions. the most common way is to download the zip file from the vendors site and then use the choose file option to browse for it on your hard drive. For convenience, however, we are going to install it from the following URL;

Alternatively download the Template to your hardrive from the This URL and install using the 'Upload Package file' method.

Once we have succesfully installed the template we need to set it as the default for the site. Unless we tell Joomla otherwise, it will be the template used on all pages of our site.

To do this we go to Extensions/ Template Manager. Click in the 'Default' columm on the row of your installed template. The star should turn yellow, indicating this is now the default template. Click on 'view site' on the top right and you should see the new template.