Setting Up

Types of Hosting

 Shared servers

This is the cheapest form of hosting, starting from a few dollars a month. Usually uses a cPanel interface. Ideal for small to moderate sites. Slower and less secure than dedicated servers. 

Affiliate Hosts.

Cloud Servers 

Utilizes the resources of computer clusters. Allows your site to 'scale', as you get more traffic more computers can be added Robust and fast. Depending on your account you get varying levels of configuration access. Starts in price from around $15.00 per month.

Dedicated Servers

More secure, faster, ideal for large enterprises. Most dedicated server accounts have 'root' access, meaning you can configure the machine to your exact specifications. Starts in price for around $100 per month 

Domain Names

Most hosts include registration for one domain name This is a unique name is effectively the address of your website. 

If you have purchased your domain separately, not through your web host, you will have to configure your DNS to point to your host. Your host should provide you with two name server addresses, something like and .
Log in to your domain name control panel (not your web host's Cpanel) and change these details accordingly.
Be aware it may take a few hours for these changes to propagate across the internet.
3iX - Client Area-130305
Now type your domain name into a browser and press enter you should see your hosts welcome page.