Upload Joomla Installation Package.

First thing you need to do is download the Joomla installation package to your hard drive. The latest Joomla packages are available here. Be sure to download the full installation package.

Using cPanel file manager (or an ftp program such as Filzilla if you prefer) upload the zip package to the folder where you want to install Joomla. This will be the public_html directory if you want Joomla to open in the root of your site. Create a folder under the public_html folder if you want a test installation or to redirect your domain name to later.

In cPanel file manager navigate to the installation directory and click on the Joomla installation zip file. In the top left of the file manager click unpack.

Create a Database

Under Databases click Mysql Databases.In the New Database field type in a name for your database. Click create database.

Create a user for the database.

Click go back to return to the Mysql Databases window. Under Mysql User add new user  type in a user name and password. Your user name can be anything you want and is often simply the name of the database you just created. If security is an issue ensure you use a strong password . Don’t forget these credentials as we are going to need them to configure Joomla. You may also notice that the server may prefix your database and user names.

Confirm your password and click create user

Add the user to the database.

Finally we need to associate the user with the database. In the Add user to database section select the user and the database you just created from the drop down lists and press Add. On the next screen check All Privileges and click   Make changes.

Configuring Joomla

So far we have just created a blank database and associated a user with it. Now we need to give Joomla access to it so it can fill it with the necessary tables and data.

Open the home page of your site in a web browser (eg type directory in the address bar). You should see Joomla's configuration manager. Follow the instructions presented.

In the database setup window select Mysql as the Database Type. Keep Host Name to Localhost. Fill in the user namedatabase name  and password with the user name database name and password you just created remembering to include the server prefix. Keep the randomly generated Table Prefix  as is. Click Next

Most servers do not require the ftp layer so you can ignore the next page. Click next.

Enter a name for your site and select a user name and password. These are the credentials you use to log into your site as the administrator. Click next.

Finally click remove Installation Directory. 

Your Joomla site is now set up.