Installing Joomla

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Our next step is to install Joomla on our web host and replace the host's welcome page with the front page of our Joomla site.
We do this through the web host's cPanel. Follow the instructions in your welcome email from your web host to log into the cPanel.


Scroll down to 'Software/Services and click on the 'Fantastico-Deluxe' icon. This is an automated tool that allows you to install software , including Joomla, on to your web host.

Click on 'Joomla 1.7' in the left of the Fantastico panel and then on 'New Installation'


On the next screen you choose a username and password that will allow administrator access to your site. Ensure the 'install on domain' is set to your domain and type a subdirectory name if you would like to install Joomla in a subdirectory.

Enter a valid email address and ensure you untick 'Install sample data'. Then click 'Install Joomla'. Click 'Finish Installation' then enter your email address if you would like your login details emailed to you.

Click on 'Visit Site' in the Joomla install window (or type your domain name into your browser) and you should be presented with the default Joomla site installation.

Next we will be looking at how to use templates to give your site the look and feel you want.