Akeeba Back Up

In this tutorial we will be creating a back up of our site using the Akeeba Backup extension. 

Use Install from Web or use the download link at:


If the installation is successful you will see the Akeeba Backup welcome page. Read the welcome message and agree to the conditions. The configuration wizard will run a series of tests to determine your server environment (operating system, server type and configuration, php versions and settings, database type etc).   

Once this is complete click Backup Now. Use the default profile add a comment if you want, then click Backup Now again.

If you have any errors reported during the installation, see if your issue is reported on the Akeeba Troubleshooter

Akeeba creates a compressed .jpa archive of your site and saves it in the directory:


To download it to your hard drive it is recomended that you use an ftp program such as filezilla rather than through a web browser using Akeeba or cPanel.

In the next tutorial we will restore our back up into another directory on our server.