User Registration

By default visitors to your site are allowed to register. If a registration form is made available (either as a module or a menu item) then visitors can register by selecting a user name, password and entering their email address. By default Joomla then sends a confirmation email that the user then needs to reply to before the account is made active. 

Changing the Default User Mangament Settings

Go to Users -  User Manager and click on the Options icon in the top right.



To change the the Activation behaviour use the New User Account Activation drop down list. You have three options, Self (the user gets sent a confirmation email), Admin, (an administrator needs to activate the account) or None (the user is automatically registered on submitting the form). 

You can choose to send an email to the Administrator(s) each time someone registers. You may also want to include a 'Captcha' challenge, particularly if you are getting a large number of unexplained registrations with randomly generated email addresses.

Restricting access to resources

Resources such as articles, modules, menu items and menus can be set as Access Registered. This means that access to the item will not be given unless the user has registered and is logged in. 

This is done simply by selecting the option Access to Registered when the resource is created or edited.


Things to try.

Create a category (eg clients) that will only be available to registered users. 

Create a Category Blog only available to registered users.

Create module only available to registered users.