Add a Menu

You can create more than one menu in Joomla and place it in module positions. Go to Menus - Menu Manager - Add new Menu. Give the menu a Title and use the title for the Menu Type. Click Save and Close.



In the Menu Manager: Menus window click on Add module for this menu type next to the new menu in the list.


Give the menu a Title and a Position  (sidebar-a). You can choose to hide the title and adjust other options and menu assignments if you need to.


Now we need to populate this menu with menu items. Do this in the same as for the main menu except select the new menu to add the menu items to.(Menus-Your Menu- Add Menu ItemUse this opportunity to explore some of the other menu item types. Commonly used menu item types include add a link to a login or register page (under Users Manager in the menu item type popup), link to a page with list of categories or articles in a category, linking to a Wrapper to display a URL in a frame. 

Add drop down menu items to the Main Menu

Drop down menu items are used are typically used on the main menu to display subcategories, or an article in a category. Create a new menu item (Menus - Main Menu - New Menu Item) or edit an existing one (Menus - Main Menu then select the menu item). Give it a name (eg the name of the article or category it is pointing to). To make the menu item appear as a drop down it needs the Parent Item to be something other than Menu Item Root.



Click Save and Close and check to see the menu works a s expected