Add an Image Gallery

For this tutorial we are going to install the Sigplus Image Gallery. This extension requires your server to have GD, an image manipulation library, installed. To ensure your server has GD support go to the Joomla administrator then to System-System Information  and click on the PHP Information tab. This displays your PHP configuration information. Scroll down the GD section. GD Support should be set to Enabled. Also gif read support, jpeg support, png support should all be set to enabled. 


If your server does not support GD you may have to try another image gallery extension. Also you may want advanced features not included in Sigplus but may be in a commercial (for a price) extension. For a full list see :

Install the Sigplus extension in the same way you installed the JCE and Gantry extensions.(Extensions - Extension Manager) You can use the following URL to Install from URL:


If you are unable to install using this method the extensions download page is available HERE

The full documentation for Sigplus is available HERE

Now we need to enable this extension. Go to Extensions - Plugin Manager. In the left hand filter pane choose to filter by Type and choose Content. Click on the red cross next to Content- image gallery - sigplus



Now we need to add a folder of images to be included in the image gallery.

Go to Content - Media Manager. Click Create Folder. Give the folder a name then next to this text field click Create Folder.




Click on your folders icon in the Media Manager to open it. It should be empty. Click Upload in the top left. (make sure the media manager is in your empty folder). Then click Choose Files. This will open the file browser. Choose the images you want to include in your gallery, click Open in the file browser, then in the Media Manager click Start Upload. The image gallery accepts .png , .gif , and  .jpeg file types.



Now we need to place the image gallery in an article. Create a new article or open an exsting one. On a line of its own with no formatting, type the following, replacing 'myfolder' with the name of your image gallery folder (Important: do not copy and paste this text, it contains formatting. Type it!)


Click Save and load the page in the front end to view the image gallery.