Adding Video

For this tutorial we are going to use the Videobox plugin. This plugin alows you to display a video clip, either hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, in your pages. You will need to download the zip file from HERE.   Go to Extensions - Extension Manager and use the Upload Package File to upload and install the extension.


You now need to enable the extension. Go to Extensions - Plug in Manager. In the filter box filter for Select Status choose Disabled. Now in the list of pluggins click on the red X next to Videobox  to enable it.


The page should reload and Videbox should disappear from the list.

To insert a video either hosted on Vimeo or YouTube you will need the Vimeo URL or the YouTube ID. The ID is the last set of letters and numbers after the v= in the YouTubes URL

Now create a new article or open an existing one for editing. 

On a line by itself type:


Where xxxx is the URL or ID of the video. Save and close the article and check to see that the clip plays. For other options see the plugins documentation at