Install the JCE Extension

The JCE extension adds extra features to the Joomla editor.

Go to this website:

 Click on the Download Now link.

Select Joomla 3.X

In the list select the latest zip file (should be at the top of the list), click again until finally arriving at a Download button. Select a destination for the file and click Save

Now we need to upload and install this file into Joomla. 

Go to Extension - Extension Manager in the Joomla back end.



Click Choose File. Navigate to the file and select and Open it.

Click Upload and Install.


If all goes well you should see the Component Installed Successfully message.


Now we need to tell Joomla to make JCE the default editor.

Go to System - Global Configuration

Change the setting Default Editor to JCE.



Now when you open an article to edit you should see the JCE  editor