Add a Single Article Menu Item

This will create a menu item in the main menu that will link to a single article. First we need to create the article.

Go to Content - Article Manager - Add New Article

Give the article a Title and add some filler text in to the editor and click Save and Close.



Now we have our article we can create a menu item to link to it.

Go to Menus - Main Menu - Add New Menu Item

Next to Menu Item Type Click Select.

In the popup choose Articles - Single Article.




Give the menu item a Title 

When the page reloads click to open the Select Article selection box.

This lists all the articles on the site. Choose the article you created in the previous step (it is probably the only article in the list).




Give the menu a Title. Leave everything else as it is and click Save and Close 




Click on your sites name in the top left to view your site. Test to ensure the menu item links to the article as expected.


view site