Add a Single Article Menu Item

This will create a menu item in the main menu that will link to a single article. First we need to create the article.

Go to Content - Article Manager - Add New Article

Give the article a Title and add some filler text in to the editor and click Save and Close.



Now we have our article we can create a menu item to link to it.

Go to Menus - Main Menu - Add New Menu Item

Next to Menu Item Type Click Select.

In the popup choose Articles - Single Article.




Give the menu item a Title 

When the page reloads click to open the Select Article selection box.

This lists all the articles on the site. Choose the article you created in the previous step (it is probably the only article in the list).




Give the menu a Title. Leave everything else as it is and click Save and Close 




Click on your sites name in the top left to view your site. Test to ensure the menu item links to the article as expected.


view site

Install the JCE Extension

The JCE extension adds extra features to the Joomla editor.

Go to this website:

 Click on the Download Now link.

Select Joomla 3.X

In the list select the latest zip file (should be at the top of the list), click again until finally arriving at a Download button. Select a destination for the file and click Save

Now we need to upload and install this file into Joomla. 

Go to Extension - Extension Manager in the Joomla back end.



Click Choose File. Navigate to the file and select and Open it.

Click Upload and Install.


If all goes well you should see the Component Installed Successfully message.


Now we need to tell Joomla to make JCE the default editor.

Go to System - Global Configuration

Change the setting Default Editor to JCE.



Now when you open an article to edit you should see the JCE  editor



Image with JCE

The JCE editor gives you an alternative way to work with images.

Log in to your sites Front end. 

Click on the system cog and select Edit in the article you want to add  picture to.



In the editor place the cursor at a point in the text where you want the image. Then click on the image icon in the toolbar.


 This will open the image manager. Click on the upload image icon in the middle right toolbar


You can browse and select the image file or simply drag it from a location on your computer. (You can also upload multiple files at once) When you have made your selection click Upload.

Now we need to place the uploaded image into our article. 

When your image(s) have uploaded you should be returned to the Image Manager. Click on the name of the image you want to insert in the bottom pane.


This will make its URL appear in the top pane.


The JCE Image manager gives you options for alignment, text flow, image size, borders, margins mouse rollover images and customized styles. Try changing these options.

Press Insert when you are done.

You can re edit the image by selecting it in the editor and clicking on the image icon in the toolbar to open the Image Manager as before.

To save your changes remember to click Save, to close the article editor.