Publishing your first page

Log in to the Joomla  administration using a URL like this (add '/administrator' to your url) :



Click on Add New Article in the Content menu on the left or on the top menu go to Content-Article Manager-Add New Article

Give your article a Title and add some text to the content text field. (you can copy and paste the lorem ipsum filler text from here)

On the right hand side of the page click featured to Yes. This will put the article on the front page of your site.


Click Save and Close.

On the top right click on your site name to preview in a new tab.


Edit from the 'Front End'

Use the login form on the front page to log in to the 'front end' of your site.

Click on the system cog on the right and click Edit.


The edit window will open. Use the format and layout icons to add style to your text.

Add an Image

 At the bottom of the edit page click on Image.


The insert image pop up will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of this popup and click on Choose files. 

Windows file browser will open. Navigate to an image you want to insert and double click on it (or select Open)

Click on Start Upload.


Click on the image in the directory browser of the popup. Its URL should appear in the Image URL text field.


You can ad a description, a title and caption and set its 'float' attributes (where it will appear on the page).

When you are done click Insert to insert the image on to your page. 

Later we will install the JCE Editor adding more functionality to the editor page.