Create Article Menu Item

The purpose of categories and associating categories with menu items is to allow articles to be created and added to each menu item. Also this system will allow granting permission for different people to update different parts of the site, as you will see. For articles to be added easily we must add a Create Article menu item. This makes it possible to add an article from the front end rather than having to log in to the administrator back end. 

Go to Menus - Main Menu -Add New Menu Item

Give this menu item the Title of 'Create Article'

For menu item type select Articles- Create Article.


Important: You do not want anyone who visits your site the ability to add articles so we need to make sure this menu item only becomes visible when a user is logged in. (more about user management later). To do this:

In the Menu Manager : New Menu Item window make sure, in the right hand panel, you have the Acess set to Registered


You can go to the front page of your site, log in and add articles. By assigning the articles to the categories you have created previously they will appear under their respective category blog menu items.