Create a Category Blog

Lets say we are building a website for a virtual restaurant, where customers browse and order food. We will need a menu items for the following categories; Entrees, Main Course, Desert, Drinks and we will ultimately want to allow the different chefs access to be able to up date different parts of the web site. To allow this we create four categories for these menu items.

In the Administrator panel go to Content/Category Manager/Add new Category

Type your first category (entrees) into the Title field. Click Save and New. Add the other categories in the same way and finally clicking Save and Close to take you back to the Category Manager.

Now go to Menus/Main Menu click Add New Menu Item

Next to the Menu Item Type text field click Select

Click on Articles then select Category Blog.




The pop up will close and return you to the Menu Manager: New Menu Item page with the category blog options. Give the menu a title and use the drop down list to Choose a Category.




Click Save and New and repeat the process, creating menu items for each category.

We can now view our site and confirm that the menu items appear as expected.