Create a Category Blog

Lets say we are building a website for a virtual restaurant, where customers browse and order food. We will need a menu items for the following categories; Entrees, Main Course, Desert, Drinks and we will ultimately want to allow the different chefs access to be able to up date different parts of the web site. To allow this we create four categories for these menu items.

In the Administrator panel go to Content/Category Manager/Add new Category

Type your first category (entrees) into the Title field. Click Save and New. Add the other categories in the same way and finally clicking Save and Close to take you back to the Category Manager.

Now go to Menus/Main Menu click Add New Menu Item

Next to the Menu Item Type text field click Select

Click on Articles then select Category Blog.




The pop up will close and return you to the Menu Manager: New Menu Item page with the category blog options. Give the menu a title and use the drop down list to Choose a Category.




Click Save and New and repeat the process, creating menu items for each category.

We can now view our site and confirm that the menu items appear as expected.





Article and Blog Settings

Change Article Display Settings

To Globally change the article settings (for all articles and blogs on your site) go to Content - Article Manager Options.  Under the Articles  tab you can change the details that appear with your article such as showing titles, date,  print and email iconcs etc. 

articleMan Opt

To change these settings for each article open the article for editing in the Administrator back end. (Content - Article Manager) Open the Article Options tab on the article edit page.



Change the articles layout in a Blog

By default Joomla lays out the articles in a blog layout as one single column leading article at the top and four intro articles taking up two columns bellow. To change this globally, for all blogs, go to Content - Article manager. Click on Options in the article manager tool bar. 



To change this setting locally, for each blog, edit the menu item for the blog. Open the Advanced Options tab in the Menu Manager: Edit Menu Item window.



Click on Blog Layout Options and make your changes.


Change Blog Article Order

By default articles will appear in a blog in the order in which they were written. To change this globally go to Content - Article Manager - Options - Shared Options. Click on Article Order drop down to select the way you want your articles to be ordered in your blogs.

To set this locally for each blog, and to customize the article order, we first need to open the blogs menu item for editing. In the Menu Manager: Edit Menu Item open the Advanced tab and then Blog Layout Options




Set Article Order to Article Manager Order.



Now we can use the article manager to order our blog articles.

In Content Article Manager set the Category Filter to the category of the blog you want to order. Now use the 'handles' next to each article in the list, to drag it up or down to the required order. 



Create Article Menu Item

The purpose of categories and associating categories with menu items is to allow articles to be created and added to each menu item. Also this system will allow granting permission for different people to update different parts of the site, as you will see. For articles to be added easily we must add a Create Article menu item. This makes it possible to add an article from the front end rather than having to log in to the administrator back end. 

Go to Menus - Main Menu -Add New Menu Item

Give this menu item the Title of 'Create Article'

For menu item type select Articles- Create Article.


Important: You do not want anyone who visits your site the ability to add articles so we need to make sure this menu item only becomes visible when a user is logged in. (more about user management later). To do this:

In the Menu Manager : New Menu Item window make sure, in the right hand panel, you have the Acess set to Registered


You can go to the front page of your site, log in and add articles. By assigning the articles to the categories you have created previously they will appear under their respective category blog menu items.