Color Associations.

Red: Exciting, passionate, stimulating, rich or indulgent(burgundy), Autumn or harvest(earthy brown).

Orange: Energetic, happy, creative, stimulates appetite, jumps out, less 'corporate' than red.

Yellow: Highly visible, active, happy(eg smileys), should not be overdone.

Green: Nature, soothing, freshness, hope. Stability, education.  Bright green in front of a black background gives a stand out 'techy' feel.

Blue: Stability, intelligence, openness, faith. Reduces appetite, may induce melancholy.

Purple: Associated with royalty, wealth and power. One of the least used colors in web design.

White: Crisp, clean, perfection. In many eastern cultures, however, white is the color of death and mourning.

Black: Depending on context, can suggest power, elegance and wealth or in some situations death and evil.

Color Attributes.

  1. Temperature. Cool colors (green - blue). Warm colors (red - orange).
  2. Chromatic Value. Adding white to a color creates a tint of that color. Adding black creates a shade. 
  3. Saturation. The intensity or purity of a color. 




Color Schemes