Server. The machine and software that 'serves' web pages.  Servers are generally remote computers that can also understood as operating on layers.  The layer we will be most concerned with is the layer that builds the web pages. This consists of files of computer code, (usually a combination of PHP, HTML and CSS). When setting up a web site we work with lower layers to configure host and domain settings as well as create databases and configure email accounts.

IP Address. A set of numbers that uniquely identify a domain or computer.

Domain name server. A special computer that translates domain names into ip address and routes data accourdingly.

HTTP the transfer protocol for exchangeing data between client and server

FTP A way of tranfering files accross the internet, for instance using an application such as 'filezilla' to tranfer files to a server.

HTML A 'markup language' that is converted by a browser into a web page.

CSS A styling language that is used with HTML to style a web page.

Web applications. Software that runs on a server and is controlled through a browser eg search engines, banking systems, content managemant systems.

content managment systems. A large web application, that acts as an operating system for web sites. Allows developers and content creators to build web sites and applications.

Database. Used to store a websites information in a content managment system.

Url What you type into a browser adress bar. Consists of the protocol (http, https or ftp) :// domain name . domain suffix (eg / directory (directories seperated by a slash, can include a file name, eg something.html, but defaults to index.html or index.php)

Search Engine Optimisation. On page techniques to improve the ranking for key words in search engines.(accurate meta tags, relevent information, friendly url's)  

Search Engine Marketing. Off page techniques for improving search engine rating.(pay per click, placing banner ads and links on other sites)

Intergrated Development Environment  (IDE). Software that allows you to work with your website.