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Web Hosting

To create a Joomla site we need to purchase two things;
  1. A web host..
  2. A registered,uniquely identifying domain name. eg www.yoursite.com
Our task in the first part of this lesson is to purchase these two things and ensure the domain name is pointing to the web host. Then we are going to install Joomla on our web host.

To be able to run Joomla the web hosts must provide the following things. (don't worry too much about what they are at the moment.. just ensure your web host has them!)

  1. PHP 5.3 or greater... the programming language Joomla is built with
  2. MYSQL 2 or greater... The database that will store your site's information.
  3. A Cpanel interface... The control panel where you install Joomla (among other things)
For a list of recommended hosts click here.
Once you have purchased hosting you will be sent an email with instruction for logging in to your cPanel
Most hosts will also provide domain name registration and many include a free domain with your hosting. If this is the case then your Domain Name Servers (DNS) should already be pointing to your host and you can skip the next step
If you have purchased your domain separately, not through your web host, you will have to configure your DNS to point to your host. Your host should provide you with two name server addresses, something like ns1.yourhost.com and ns2.yourhost.com .
Log in to your domain name control panel (not your web host's Cpanel) and change these details accordingly.
Be aware it may take a few hours for these changes to propagate across the internet.
3iX - Client Area-130305
Now type your domain name into a browser and press enter you should see your hosts welcome page.