With the script we installed on the server in the last session we also installed a program that allows us to transfer files between the host and our local machine. To make this work we need to install a client FTP program on our local machine. Filzilla is a popular choice.

Once this is installed open it (press Run at the warning).


In the Host  field enter the IP address of your VPS instance (your 'Droplet').

The Username is the Linux user (the one we created using the adduser command at the prompt). The password is the password you created for this user.

Leave the Port field empty and press Quick Connect. The commands indicating that filezilla is connecting to the remote server. If it is succussfull you should see the directory structure similar to the one below appear in the remote site pane. 


By default filesiler will open in your users home directory. However the server stores its web files in a different directory: Namely: /var/www/html

To access directory we need to click on the top question mark. This represents the root of your server and clicking on it will display the folders contained with in it. In the remote site pane scroll down until you see the var folder.


In the bottom pane scroll down until you see the www folder. 


Double click on the www folder and finally on the html folder. You should see the index.html. This is the Apache welcome page.

Now lets upload a test site to the server.

Download and extract this zip file into your working directory on your local machine. Ensure your home directory (nested inside another home directory if that is where you extracted it to) looks like this:



In the left pane of Filezilla navigate to your working directory and drag the extracted home directory (not the zip file and not the top level home directory) into the /var/www/html directory on the server.




Finally we need to change the permissions of the folder so that it will be viewabel in a web browser. we do this by right clicking on the home folder on the server and changing the directroy permissions to 755. Also we need to tick the box recurse into subdirectories. Click ok.



Now you should be able to navigate to the page by typing your IP address followed by /home into your browser address bar.

Important Security Notes.

Because this is only a test server, not a live production environment I have taken some security short cuts, for the sake of expediancy. To secure a production server:

  • Change the FTP port number on the server 
  • Use minimum file permissions for each folder and file under your web root directroy.
  • Use secure, hard to guess usernames and passwords
  • Install and configure a firewall

See the Linux shell section of the Usefull Links page