What you will need

Putty, an SSH client that is installed on your local machine. It gives you command line access to the server.

An FTP client such as Filezilla

A VPS account. I recomend Digital Ocean but any server, real or virtual running Ubuntu 14 should work.

Create a VPS Instance (Droplet)

Once you have signed up for your VPS account follow the directions in your welcome email to log in to your control panel. In Digital Ocean select Create. Enter a Hostname (this can be anything). For size select the 512 MB 20 GB option. For distribution Select Ubuntu 14.** x64. Finally select Create Droplet. Check your email for your droplets ip address and root password

Login Via SSH

Open Putty. (Click Run at the publisher could not be verified warning). Copy the IP address of your droplet into the Hostname field of Putty. Click Open.  A command console should open. At the Login As prompt type root . Enter your root password. (you can copy it from your email and paste it into the terminal by right clicking at the at the password prompt. The password field is hidden, you will not see anything, just right click once then press enter.)