Log in to the terminal as your linux user and get the joomla install script.


Run the install script

sudo rbash

the script will pause at some point and your will be prompted to Enter a Password. this is your MySQL root password 

Once the script has run, and you are returned to the command prompt open a browser and go to http://your ip addtess/joomla to complete the installation procedure.



Enter a name for your Joomla site, your email address, an admin user name for Joomla and an admin password for Joomla. When you have entered these details click Next. 

Select Mysql (not MySQLI) for the database type. Host is Localhost. Username is root and password is your MySQL root password. The database name is joomladb. Leave the database prefix as it is and click Next



On the Overview screen check your configuration then click InstallJoomla should install and if all goes according to plan you should see the Installation success page.


Finally we need to delete the installion directory and do some clean up. We need to do this manually so go back to the terminal window for your server and get the clean up script:


Run the scripts:

sudo rbash

Now go back to the joomla setup page in your browser and click Administrator. You should be taken to the Joomla log in screen:



 Enter your Joomla admin username and password to open the Joomla administration.


If for some reason the Joomla installation does not complete run the roll back script and begin the installation again


sudo rbash

Enter your Linux user password then your MySQL root password at the prompts