In this lesson we are going to add an image to the main section of our web page.  The HTML tag we will use is: 

<img src=''path to image">

First thing we need to do is find an image and upload it to our server. 

Open filezilla and connect to your server. In the right pane navigate to your home folder in the HTML directory. (var/www/html/home)

Right click on your home directory in the right pane of filezilla and select create directory. Name the directoy images

Right click on the images folder and select Permissions. Change the pernissions to 755

In the left pane navigate to an image on your local computer. The image should be no bigger than about 700 px square and less tha 500kb. One of  Windows sample images will be fine.

In Filezilla drag your image from the left into the images folder on the right. this will upload the image to your images folder.

Now open Notepad++ and open the home/index.html file for editing. Inbetween the <p> tags in the main section enter the image tag with the path to your image as the attribute.

<img src ="images/myimage.jpg">

Finally go back int Filezilla and open the images folder. right click on your image, select Permissions and change the permissions to 755. Be sure to tick the box recurse into subdirectories then click OK

View your web page in a browser to see the results.